Course description 
The Blockchain and digital currency: The future of financial transactions short course gives a more in-depth understanding of how Blockchain technology works, its business applications, and the rise of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other crypto assets. Throughout the course, participants will learn about the expanding field of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and how they affect financial ecosystems in emerging economies. It will also help to think critically about the ethical implications of these financial tools, as well as how to capitalize on the opportunities they bring.

Course objectives 
This course approaches cryptocurrencies holistically, aiming to present an objective understanding of its potential and challenges.
The course participants will: 
    learn the key components of blockchain technology and evaluate where it can be applied; 
    compare how blockchain services such as exchanges, custody, and remittances are handled in existing systems; and 
    assess how the nature of money is changing to reflect societal needs, as well as the ethical implications presented by the rise in crypto asset adoption.
The workshop will be very participatory, allowing participants to apply the knowledge, skills, experiences and positive attitude taught to their personal situations.

Course Contents
    The major areas in Financial Technologies
    Major technological trends
    How new technology impacts economies, markets, companies and individuals
    Design rationale behind the blockchain technology
    Technological and cryptographic components of a blockchain.
    Variations and differences of existing major blockchain platforms
    Limitations and outstanding issues of existing blockchain technology.
    Negative impacts of, in particular, criminal activities in the context of blockchain.
    Blockchain and its Governance
    Cybersecurity & Crimes
    Artificial Intelligence  & FinTech

Duration and dates
The program is tailored in two (2) packages:
a.    Five (5) days comprehensive training (20th to 24th November 2023)
b.    Three (3) days intensive training (20th to 22nd November 2023)

The training is expected to be conducted in Dar es Salaam

Training costs:
The costs will be TZS. 850,000 for the Five (5) days comprehensive training and TZS. 650,000 for the Three (3) days intensive training which covers training kit (materials), Venue, breakfast, lunch and certificate of attendance. Traveling costs, per diems and other costs will be responsibility of the participant.
All payments shall be paid through control number to be given after confirmation. 

Contacts details
For more information, please contact Dr. Emmanuel Shindika, Email: and Mobile: +255679200856