Leadership, Marketing, and Challenges: Coca-Cola Kwanza's Insightful Session at CBE Dar es Salaam

In the busy city of Dar es Salaam, the College of Business Education (CBE) was buzzing with excitement as they awaited the arrival of Mr. Unguu Ramadhani Sulay, the Managing Director of Coca-Cola Kwanza. The event took place on Thursday January 31st, 2024, in the Theatre Hall at the National Museum.

As Mr. Sulay stepped onto the stage, dressed sharply and full of confidence, the room fell silent. He began by sharing his journey, highlighting the importance of good leadership in the beverage industry. "In this ever-changing business, you need to be adaptable," he said. "Leadership is not just giving orders; it's about guiding the team through challenges and motivating them to work together."

Mr. Sulay then talked about managing a soft drinks giant in Tanzania, stressing the need to understand the local culture. "It's not just about selling a product; it's about connecting with people on a personal level. Our drinks should be a part of their daily lives, celebrating their culture."

Switching to successful marketing strategies, he explained to use digital platforms and social media, but they also focus on grassroots marketing. “Our campaigns resonate with local communities, making our brand a part of Tanzanian life."

Attendants attentively following up the lecture


When addressing challenges, he got serious, that success comes with challenges. Competition is tough, and what people want is always changing. We have to be quick and innovative to exceed expectations.

Talking about sustainability, he said that, they are committed in reducing the environmental impact. “Our bottle recycling and eco-friendly initiatives not only help the environment but also appeal to socially conscious consumers."

As the presentation ended, the audience burst into applause. A question and answers session followed, allowing students and staff to interact with Mr. Sulay, seeking advice for their future in the business world.

The impact of that session went beyond the theatre. Students left feeling inspired and armed with knowledge to face the challenges of the soft drinks industry. The story of Coca-Cola Kwanza in Tanzania wasn't just about fizzy drinks; it was a tale of leadership, smart marketing, and a dedication to overcoming challenges in a constantly changing market.