The College of Business Education (CBE) Mbeya Campus celebrated and launched the Gender Desk. On his opening note, the Director of Mbeya Campus, Mr. Jeremiah Tumaini, began by thanking all the stakeholders who attended to present various topics related to gender issues. The director explained to the stakeholders that CBE has not launched this desk because it's a legal requirement but because it's of profound significance for the development of the entire College community.

"Through this desk, we will be able to break gender barriers within and outside the institution. This will be a special place to address all those who encounter obstacles and challenges because of their gender," said Mr. Jeremiah.

The Coordinator of the Gender Desk from the Mbeya Regional Police Force, Officer Mary Gumbo, summarized the main role of the desk. She stated that the main task of the desk is to combat and prevent gender-based violence in the community. "Gender-based violence is divided into four categories: economic violence, psychological violence, and sexual violence," Officer Gumbo explained.

The coordinator continued by urging all participants to be good ambassadors in reducing ongoing violence in our communities. She said that the children we see roaming and begging on the streets are the result of violences that have not been addressed in our families. "If you have any challenges similar to what we discussed today, do not keep it to yourself. Welcome, and let us help you," Officer Gumbo concluded.